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TREFFLER precision-cultivator

The Treffler precision cultivator is available in various models with working widths of 3.00 m to 7.20 m. Extendible with hoeing, standard and twin-sowing equipment.
Suitable for tractors from 66 kW / 90 HP.

Main features of the precision-cultivator:

  • Flexibility – the precision cultivator can be easily upgraded and adapted to suit individual needs

  • Chassis, packer rollers and tines – enhanced manoeuvrability thanks to integrated drive mechanism

  • Pneumatic seed drill – extend your precision cultivator with our tried-and-tested sowing system

  • Für höchste Beanspruchung kann der Grubber ab Arbeitsbreiten von 4,40 m  in einer verstärkten Ausführung mit großdimensionierter Bereifung bestellt werden

  • Optionally, a hitch can be mounted at the rear of the cultivator to accommodate different seed bars

Fields of application

  • Wide field of applications – the precision cultivator masters all your tasks
The perfect cultivator – with our without sowing system. Extra low cutting of all weeds. Precision depth control thanks to suspended supporting wheels and double-ring packer rollers. Precision sowing on water layer. Thanks to the perfectly matched components, the cultivator is particularly suitable for shallow and medium-depth tillage. As the rear axle of the tractor is not carrying any extra load, it can be run with extremely low tire pressure. Combined with the small angle of the 6 mm thick, self-sharpening goosefoot coulters and precision depth adjustment, this machine is particularly recommended for soil preparation in spring.

Vertical soil compaction is avoided and there is no risk that heavy large soil clumps are brought to the surface. As the coulters overlap by 8 cm, the machine is the perfect tool for the working under of trefoil-grass cover crops. All roots of the trefoil, lucerne and other grass as well as of dock leaves and other weeds are cut just below the surface, preventing second growth. The cultivator is designed to prevent blocking and can thus be used to work on fields with high and bulky harvest residue such as rain-flattened cereal crops and forage maize stubble. Even running over the field twice causes no problems. The cultivator is three metres wide and can be pulled by a tractor from 80 HP, which helps keep diesel consumption low at a high area performance.
TypeFolding systemWorking widthSectionsTinesTandem supporting wheelsTransport widthWeightRequired traction force
TG 300no3,00 m1x 3,00 m1723,00 m2900 kg66 kW / 90 PS
TG 440yes4,40 m1x 3,00 m + 2x 0,70m2523,00 m4300 kg88 kW / 120 PS
TG 500yes5,00 m1x 3,00 m + 2x 1,00m2943,00 m4800 kg103 KW / 140 PS
TG 580yes5,80 m1x 3,00 m + 2x 1,40 m3343,00 m5300 kg100 kW / 150 PS
TG 615yes6,15 m1x 3,00 m + 2x 1,55 m3543,00 m6600 kg132 kW / 180 PS
TG 720yes7,20 m1x 3,00 m + 2x 2,10 m4143,00 m7500 kg147 kW / 200 PS
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