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TREFFLER Precision hoe

Hoe with deflection and scatter plates – the cost-effective solution for maize, soy bean and cereals. The Treffler precision hoe is used for mechanical crop control between crop rows. It is available as a rear or front attachment, or as a combined rear/front attachment.

These features allow you to hoe precisely:

  • Inexpensive and reliable control of the hoe
    • The hoeing machine controls itself in furrows, which are created during sowing
  • Tines
    • Optimum depth control - tines adapt to uneven ground
    • Laterally stable
  • Different tools available

Fields of application

  • Chopping in the pre-emergence ("blind chopping") possible
  • Hoeing in very tall stands
  • For soya and corn
The deflection and scatter plates forming a parallelogram-shaped assembly are individually attached to the profile frame construction (known from the successful TF series), using a specially devised clamping mechanism. Thanks to this special design, the machine can be adjusted as needed to the crop row width.
The flexibly mounted spring tines (known from our TF series) are equipped with special blade coulters and work the soil between the deflection and scatter plates. They are designed to prevent blockage and are self-cleaning. The Treffler hoes are thus able to break up even heavily capped soils. The crop is thereby protected by the deflection and scatter plates.
The standard machine includes two levellers that can be adjusted in height and are flexibly mounted behind the deflection and scatter plates to the left and right. They spread the uprooted weeds and level the loose soil. They can also be used to bank up the crop rows. The machine comes with supporting wheels with ball bearings as standard.
As they can be adjusted in height, they allow for precision depth guidance of the coulters. A special model with reinforced teeth is also available.

Advantages of the Treffler precision hoe at a glance:
  • Variable adjustment to row spacing
  • Available in a range of working widths (see technical data)
  • Deflection and scatter plates with parallel guide system
  • Suitable for crop heights up to 60 cm
  • Equipped with tried and tested clamping roller known from Treffler TS series
  • Universally adjustable spring tines as known from Treffler TF series
  • Designed for higher working speeds
ModelOuter frame dimensionTransport widthHydraulically foldableSupport wheelsGuide tinesDrag knifeRequired powerWeight approx.
Reihenabstand 45cm
TH180/45 4-rows2.10m2.10mno25530PS / 22kW350kg
TH270/45 6-rows2.98m2.98mno27745PS / 33kW480kg
TH360/45 8-rows3.90m3.00myes29960PS / 44kW650kg
TH540/45 12-rows5.70m3.00myes4131375PS / 55kW890kg
Row spacing 50cm
TH200/50 4-rows2.30m2.30mno25530PS / 22kW370kg
TH300/50 6-rows3.30m3.30mno27745PS / 33kW480kg
TH300/50 6-rows3.30m3.00myes27745PS / 33kW510kg
TH400/50 8-rows4.30m3.00myes49965PS / 48kW670kg
TH600/50 12-rows6.30m3.00myes4131380PS / 59kW970kg
Row spacing 55cm
TH380/55 7-rows4.10m3.00myes28860PS / 44kW630kg
Row spacing 75cm
TH300/75 4-rows3.30m3.30mno25535PS / 26kW540kg
TH300/75 4-rows3.30m3.00myes25535PS / 26kW540kg
TH470/75 6-rows4.80m3.00myes47745PS / 33kW895kg
TH600/75 8-rows6.30m3.00myes49965PS / 48kW990kg
TH900/75 12-rows9.30m3.00myes4131380PS / 59kW1450kg
Grain chopper
TH250/12,5 20-rows2.50m2.50mno219no30PS / 22kW280kg
TH300/12,5 24-rows3.00m3.00mno223no30PS / 22kW322kg
TH300/15 20-rows3.00m3.00mno219no45PS / 33kW290kg
TH300/25 12-rows3.00m3.00mno211no50PS / 37kW260kg
TH300/30 10-rows3.00m3.00mno29no50PS / 37kW250kg
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