Mill machinery:

TREFFLER milling technology is built for best product quality and your success as a user. Whether for grinding and crushing grains into wholemeal flours or milling spices and herbs - you will receive the best product quality for further processing.

Discover our milling technology - we offer you not only the best product quality, but also dust-free operation at highest food-safety standards through fully automated efficient cleaning.

Mühlomat 100

Mühlomat 80 ECOLINE

Mühlomat 300

Mühlomat 500

Mühlomat 100 Tornado SZ

Mühlomat 300 for oil containing product

Mühlomat 300 SZ for sugar containing product

Flockomat 100

Schrotomat 100

Duett Flockomat-Schrotomat 100


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