About the Mühlomat

About the Mühlomat
Perfect hygiene is one of the key requirements for wholemeal processing. The design of most stone cereal mills does not allow for effective cleaning. In many cases, the attractive wood panelling prevents access to the milling mechanism.

As a consequence, and despite all efforts of the operator, most stone mills become from time to time infested by flour moths and other insects. When considering buying a mill, companies should therefore ensure that their new machine will meet the requirements of the statutory food safety and hygiene regulations for many years to come.

The Mühlomat is designed for optimised hygiene and cleanliness. There is no need for a cleaning routine, as there is no flour residue left in the mill.

Food safety officers are praising the Mühlomat for its excellent hygiene.

See for yourself what the Mühlomat can do for you. Simply contact us for an appointment. We will give you a presentation of the many Mühlomat functions and show you how easy it is to operate the mill. In addition, you will experience its efficiency and see how the machine can be integrated at minimum cost into your workflow and production line.

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