Treffler Die Unternehmensphilosophie und unsere WerteTreffler Die Unternehmensphilosophie und unsere WerteTreffler Die Unternehmensphilosophie und unsere Werte

Quality is created with courage and heart

At Treffler, we talk a lot about quality, efficiency or sustainability. And that’s important to us. But we find it even more important to speak about and with people. With our customers, partners and employees. Whether on the telephone, at meetings or completely at ease in the corridor. This has always been the case and this sincerity is one of the few things that has tradition in our family company. And that will always remain so. Because apart from that, we are happy to break with tradition and do not rest on our laurels. We want to change things. Make things better. And we can only achieve that by listening to our customers and employees carefully. 

The courage to take a step forwards


With quality and precision, we always ensure a better future.


Tradition brings with it an obligation, and applies regionally and globally: With pioneering spirit, and precision, we want to always competently provide our customers with a sustainable competitive edge.

Mission statement

As a family company with regional roots, we stand for high-quality production and take responsibility for people and nature. Our global customers rely on our gentle and precise machines, which always provide them with the desired competitive edge.

Following your heart


For us, sustainability starts in the head. For it is only if we think sustainably that we can also act sustainably and make a positive contribution towards people and the environment. We have undertaken to ensure resource-protecting use of energy and have based our production on this. But even the products that leave our factory make a contribution and work efficiently and in an environmentally friendly manner.


Quality is achieved through precision. Naturally. That’s why we are particularly strict with ourselves. We question, criticise and optimize. Constantly. This ensures that our employees and machines can work precisely. And you get products of the highest quality. 

Pioneering spirit

We are on the leading edge. Our innovations and the continuous optimization of our products and services make us really good at what we do. Because we have the courage to try out new things, we can further develop the Treffler company. 

Down-to-earth attitude

For us, this means: Taking responsibility. In terms of sustainability, but also towards our many employees. After all, we are an established employer in the region. Therefore, we depend on healthy growth to a reasonable extent. And: As a family company, we are familiar and friendly and always have an open ear for employees, customers and suppliers.