Precision cultivator
Treffler Präzisions-Grubber StoppelbearbeitungTreffler Präzisions-Grubber StoppelbearbeitungTreffler Präzisions-Grubber Stoppelbearbeitung

The cultivator. For flat, water-preserving soil cultivation.

The precision cultivator effectively controls perennial and annual weeds and successfully breaks up clover. With a full-coverage, flat cut at a working depth from 2 cm. The rest is left to the sun and the wind.

That’s the Treffler difference
Treffler Präzisions-Grubber Standardzinken
Treffler Präzisions-Grubber 2cm Arbeitstiefe

100% cutting. With every tine. From a working depth of 2 cm.

The standard tine is designed so that deviation only backward and upward is possible. The pivot point is approx. one meter high and 25 cm in front of the sweep tip for fine depth control based on tensile resistance without making any significant changes to the work position of the sweep. A shear bolt activates in the event of overload, at a triggering force of 1100 kg. 

Characteristics and working method

Indirect weed control From a working depth of 2 cm.

Perennial weed control

The aim is to deplete the energy reserves in the root, for stubble processing or in the spring. Perennial weeds must be cut between the root and the leaf mass. Something vital: perennial weeds must only be cut once – otherwise, the shoots multiply and the reserves are topped up.

Emergence of weed seeds and volunteer grain

A flat working depth from 2 cm allows weed seeds and volunteer grain to emerge successfully. Therefore, you can control weeds for the next crop right after the harvest. Effectively and mechanically.

Quick drying of clover and weeds

The weed or clover is separated from the root at a working depth of 2 cm. This interrupts the plant’s water supply and the crop is dried out by the sun and the wind.

Save (soil) water for the next crop

Preserve that yield-limiting resource: Water. By breaking capillaries and minimizing earth movement. This helps protect your precious soil from erosion.

Saving fuel

Each centimeter deeper costs you fuel. Work only as deep as you need. With the precision cultivator- the first truly flat cultivator on the market-you truly have shallow cultivation.

Save time – for early cultivation of the next crop

Use short time windows to break up clover. The sooner the clover dries out, the faster it can be successfully broken up. The field is free for early sowing with perfect emergence through preserved soil moisture.

Your individual cultivator

The Treffler precision cultivator

Precision spring-tooth-cultivator

Unbeatable when paired with the cultivator.

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