TREFFLER DreamTeam - Präzisions-Grubber und EggeTREFFLER DreamTeam - Präzisions-Grubber und EggeTREFFLER DreamTeam - Präzisions-Grubber und Egge

Precision cultivator and precision spring-tooth-cultivator. Unbeatable in a team.

In arable farming, one faces multiple challenges. Besides the successful regulation of weeds, a particular challenge is the management of soil moisture and nutrients. With TREFFLER you will learn below how our DreamTeam, the precision cultivator and the precision spring-toothed cultivator, help to successfully master these challenges.

Your challenges. Our solution.

Master challenges. Mechanically.

Volunteer seeds

For a high-yielding successive crop, control volunteer seeds straight after harvesting. With particularly shallow work from 2cm, volunteer seeds are only lightly covered with soil and can still emerge. Control any plants that emerge in the next operation round.

Perennial weeds

Control perennial weeds by cutting across the entire surface with the TREFFLER sweeps. Use the precision spring-toothed cultivator to bring the cut roots to the soil’s surface to dry out.

Catch crop termination

Successfully kill catch crops by cutting them flush with the ground. This saves soil moisture and nutrients for the next crop.


Save soil moisture for your next crop. The shallow working depth from 2cm and the full-coverage cut break capillaries, minimise soil movement and kill plants quickly.

Nutrient management

The TREFFLER sweeps maximize your soil quality: sharp and prevent pores in the soil from clogging.

Clover-grass termination

Perfect clover grass termination: tear the sward into fine strips with the precision spring-toothed harrow and then cut it flat and level with the precision cultivator. Finally, turn the roots over and unearth them with the spring-toothed harrow.

Characteristics and mode of operation

Patented technology. For your success.

Precision cultivator

Shallow 100% cut, as little as 2cm working depth

The patented tine is pivot-mounted on the frame for accurate depth control. Regardless of the share’s working position, shares remains relatively flat throughout the movement.

  • Working depth from 2cm

  • 8cm overlap of the sweeps

  • Stable tines

  • Precise depth control of the frame thanks to pendulum support wheels at the front

  • No side pull thanks to 3½- or 4-beam design

  • Trailed or in 3-point hitch

Precision spring-toothed cultivator

Controls annual weeds by burying them and deposits perennial weeds on the soil’s surface

The patented flat steel spring tine cannot move sideways and ensures uniform depth control.

  • Working depth from 2cm

  • Precise depth control of the frame thanks to (pendulum) support wheels at the front

  • Close tine spacing of 9.6cm

  • High frame (70 cm) for easy clearance

  • Standard machine does not include packer

  • Tines do not deviate

The DreamTeam in the video reportage

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