Measuring technology
Treffler Auftragsfertigung CNC Messtechnik und Qualitätskontrolle

Measuring quality. Without compromise.

Ultra-precise measuring devices enable us to perform careful quality controls and log them. Exact calibration of the measuring equipment is a prerequisite here and is a matter of course for us. In this way, your components and products can meet the highest standard thanks to our measurements. You can depend on that.

Measuring technology services

Precise and logged.

Quality control

In the air-conditioned measuring room, products and parts are measured, logged and tested according to the high quality requirements. The rotating/swivel heads of our measuring technology increase the measuring throughput and allow for automated measuring sequences.

Technical benefits

  • Measuring volumes of 2500 x 1200 x 1000 mm
  • Renishaw PH10M Plus rotating/swivel head
  • High measuring speeds
  • WM/Quartis measuring software
  • Swivel radius of 100 mm
Measuring technology machine fleet

We are ready. For your order.

  • Treffler Maschinenpark LH1210 CNC Messemaschine
    WENZEL LH 1210

    CNC measuring machine
    Year of manufacture: 2015

    Travel in mm. 2500/1200/1000
    Special features: Renishaw PH 1011 Plus rotating/swivel head

  • Treffler Maschinenpark Mahr Perthometer M2 Oberflächenmessgerät
    Mahr Perthometer M2

    Surface measuring device

    Year of manufacture: 2015

Treffler made-to-order production

Flexible and stable quality.

Treffler quality

Our qualifications

Treffler News und Neuigkeiten - Treffler ist ISO 9001 zertifiziert

Since its introduction in 1987, ISO 9001 has become the most well-known and most accepted quality management standard throughout the world.

#Made-to-order production
Treffler News und Neuigkeiten - Treffler ist EN 1090-2 zertifiziert

Certification of in-house production control according to DIN EN 1090.

#Made-to-order production
Treffler News und Neuigkeiten - Treffler ist EN ISO 3834-2 zertifiziert

DIN EN ISO 3834-2: Comprehensive quality requirements

#Made-to-order production
Treffler News und Neuigkeiten - Treffler ist TÜV CE 0036 zertifiziert

Internal production control with acceptance monitoring.

#Made-to-order production