Treffler Mühlentechnik und Vermahlen Der Mühlomat - die VollkornmühleTreffler Mühlentechnik und Vermahlen Der Mühlomat - die VollkornmühleTreffler Mühlentechnik und Vermahlen Der Mühlomat - die Vollkornmühle

Gentle grinding. 100% dust-free.

Our automatic industrial mill is a sensation: It guarantees gentle grinding and is 100% dust-free. According to demand, the Millomat grinds small and large batches of cereals, pulses, spices, herbs and can be set up in no time. Thanks to the extraction system used, the Millomat grinds without residue and ensures a 100% flour yield.

The Millomat product video
Characteristics and working method

How the Millomat works. For you.

The grinder

The patented impact-cutting grinder of the Millomat is unique. Here, the feed material is broken up in the gap between the rotating grinding discs and the baffle plate within fractions of a second.


The fineness of the flour can be determined using sieve inserts. Sieves with hole sizes of 0.5 mm, 0.75 mm, 1.00 mm, 2.00 mm, 3.00 mm, 4.00 mm and 5.00 mm enable both the finest of flour and coarse grist.

The feed-in

The feed material is fed in via the frequency-controlled volume-dosing system and the necessary meal cushion is produced in the mill. This guarantees consistent flour quality with a high share of fine flour.

Pneumatic transport

Vacuum pressure is used to gently extract the flour from the grinding chamber directly through a sieve and convey it further. This also prevents friction. As a result, the feed material is only heated minimally.

Low warming

Thanks to the vacuum system, the feed material only experiences the minimum amount of friction required to become flour. It is only minimally heated and important nutrients are retained in the flour. 

Absolute purity

 The conveying air is automatically cleaned at one-second intervals and fine flour dust is removed.

Energy-efficient and powerful

Thanks to the jet filter, the mill can be operated 24 hours a day. This means that even the smallest Millomat can produce up to 2 tons of flour per day.

Simplest handling

Thanks to its intuitive control, the Millomat can be operated immediately even without basic knowledge of milling.

100% flour yield

The fine flour dust is fed in again through the blow-through rotary valve and emitted via the discharge rotary valve. This means none of the valuable foodstuff is lost.

Your individual milling machinery

The Treffler Millomat

Customized solutions

The individual benefits for you



  • Insert sieve for coarse and fine grinding
  • High volume yields
  • Efficient hygiene concept
  • Hardly any heating during grinding




  • Real wholemeal flour
  • Modular design
  • Fully automated
  • Dust-free work


Farm marketers

Farm marketers

  • One mill for all cereal types
  • Maximum cleanliness
  • Dust-free work


Herbs and spices

Herbs and spices

  • Low-temperature grinding
  • No residues in the mill
  • Bridge-forming products can be processed by add-on modules



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