Greenland care
Treffler Agrartechnik Anwender GrünlandTreffler Agrartechnik Anwender GrünlandTreffler Agrartechnik Anwender Grünland

Grassland care for healthy and effective livestock

High performance from protein-rich, clean feed. This is the aim of successful grassland management. The Treffler precision tine harrow is the perfect machine for this task with double the benefit: the harrow can successfully be used in arable feed crop production too.

Your benefits

Precision in every tine

Each tine individually adapts to the unevenness of the ground. Regardless of the configured tine pressure. This allows all tines to work at the same depth. The grassplot is not worked too deep in some places and too flat in others. You get the precise result that you selected.

Perfect results

  • Harrowing out grass weeds such as rough meadow grass
  • Aeration
  • Encouraging tillering
  • Spreading dead plants
  • Precise scattering of seeds during reseeding – for maximum emergence while also saving seeds.
  • Spreading of organic fertilizer remains

Grassland bar

Your tool for leveling earth thrown up by moles and other underground creatures, and for spreading dried organic fertilizers.

Sowing technology with spreading via guards

 Your solution for undersowing, resowing and new sowing

Optimum distribution and incorporation of the seeds for your yield.

The broad distribution via guards ensures optimum placement for growth. The precise depth guidance of the tines scatters the fine seeds as needed. Light-dependent germinators in particular are optimally covered with earth.

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