TREFFLER Organic Machinery mit dem TREFFLER Tiny im WDR


Discover the TREFFLER Tiny starting at minute 8:00 fighting weeds on the farm of the Kerkers family.

On Lecker an Bord on WDR, the journey continues north on the Maas. The "Lecker ab Bord" crew is on its way to the second port of its journey in Venlo. The city area borders directly on North Rhine-Westphalia.

Björn's first stop is with Henk and Marianne Kerkers in Deurne, the Netherlands. The two grow old, special and almost forgotten varieties of fruit and vegetables here. Around 1000 different vegetables grow in the fields in mixed cultivation. Old varieties are often more resistant to diseases and pests and are more flavorful. Henk and Marianne supply part of their harvest to gourmet restaurants in the area.