Treffler Nachhaltigkeit und VerantwortungTreffler Nachhaltigkeit und VerantwortungTreffler Nachhaltigkeit und Verantwortung

Responsibility. For people and nature.

Tradition obligates. At least, that’s what we think at Treffler. Therefore, already today, we are thinking about tomorrow. And as a family company, we are thinking of future generations. In all that we do, we ensure maximum sustainability. From energy production for our business to our agricultural machinery, which enables absolutely organic farming. 

Actions at Treffler

Sustainable thinking

Our ecological values. That’s how everything begins, and we have internalized these here at Treffler. For only if you think sustainably can you also actually achieve something. That’s why we consistently align our actions with sustainability. For our products and at our operations location. Ultimately, we are pioneers in the production of agricultural machinery for organic and sustainable farming. 

Promoting biodiversity

Whether in the soil, on the earth or in the water – animals, plants, fungi and bacteria enable life. And therefore deserve our protection. That’s why we, or rather Treffler machines, promote biodiversity. The three areas of biological diversity (diversity of species, diversity of ecosystem and genetic diversity) guarantee our existence on the earth. Now. And in future. 

Renewable production

Whether self-produced or externally procured: When it comes to electricity, we demand renewable. That’s an obligation for us. Our production halls are almost fully equipped with photovoltaic modules and cover the majority of our energy demand. And what we are unable to produce ourselves is covered by renewable energy sources of our regional electricity provider.

Ecological heating

We use district heating. Ecologically and regionally produced from biogas. So we are independent of conventional energy sources. 

Protecting resources

Our products are high-quality and expertly processed. This means that not only can we meet our customers’ expectations, but can also guarantee years of use. In addition, the use of our innovative technology has been proven to improve the water balance of the cultivated areas and reduce additional watering. 

Using saving potentials

Using energy whenever it’s needed. That’s also part of our measures. So, water taps with sensors are installed in our sanitary facilities, some of the toilets are operated with water from their own cisterns, and the lighting (LED bulbs, of course, in the majority of our production halls is motion-sensitive. In addition, we heat our paint mixing room with the waste heat from the compressor and ensure a high rate of waste separation to prevent large quantities of residual refuse.