Precision tine harrow
Treffler Agrartechnik Präzisions-Zinkenstriegel beim Striegeln von SonnenblumenTreffler Agrartechnik Präzisions-Zinkenstriegel beim Striegeln von SonnenblumenTreffler Agrartechnik Präzisions-Zinkenstriegel beim Striegeln von Sonnenblumen

The modern harrow. Precise weed control within the row.

Harrows are an effective way of controlling weeds: simply by moving earth during the germination and cotyledon stage of the weeds and employing the power of the sun. A method that works for a broad range of crops, be they small or large. Treffler offers the right type of harrow for every surface and crop.

That’s the Treffler difference

Precision in every tine

Each tine is mounted so it can rotate in relation to the frame and is connected to a tension spring, which is pre-tensioned for the purposes of adjusting tine pressure. As such, the wire cable is wrapped around a charging shaft and the spring is tensioned.

The unique features of the tine allow it to adapt individually to unevenness in the soil, a characteristic that prevails under all tine pressure settings.

Characteristics and working method

Essential for successful weed control

Even tine pressure

The best result is achieved with an even tine pressure. Our precision tine harrow keeps the preset pressure constant in every tine position – even with potato ridges. 

This means you benefit from effective work through precise tine guidance, allowing you to remove weeds laying dorment as early as the germination and cotyledon stage.

Control at the crucial moment

Weeds inflict most damage during crop emergence. The success of weed control is at its highest during this time. Successfully get weeds under control right when they need to be removed: at the germination and cotyledon stage.

Full coverage

Control weeds even within the row of plants: With a tine spacing of 2.8 cm and wide tine bearing, nothing is left out. The result: full coverage.

You get the precise result that you selected across the entire area.

Infinitely adjustable

A critical success factor: Variable adjustment of the tine pressure from 100 to 5000 g. Adjust the harrow to match your land precisely. As an option, hydraulic tine pressure adjustment allows for tine pressure adjustment on the go from within your tractor.

In (almost) all crops

No go? No way (almost)! The harrow reliably controls weeds in:

  • Potatoes
  • Cereals
  • Soy
  • Corn
  • Sugar beets
  • Strawberries
  • Peas
  • Leeks
  • Lettuce
  • Pumpkin

Proven the world over

Effective mechanical weed control is in demand within the agricultural industry. That’s why we deliver harrows all over the world, where our harrow system has proven itself in practice as well as in the lightweight, sturdy construction of its frame.

Your individual harrow type

The Treffler precision tine harrow

The harrow in all your crops

Your specific advantages



  • Save soil water
  • Increased water infiltration
  • Better gas exchange
  • Increased yield
  • Increased area output


Vegetables & herbs

Vegetables & herbs

  • Row-independent and full-surface work
  • Effective
  • Versatile
  • Drip irrigation remains in the bed
  • Working widths for a whole host of bedding systems




  • Increased forage performance
  • Level molehills
  • Tillering of grasses
  • Harrowing out rough meadow grass




  • Weed control in planted bare-root plants 
  • Any seed, plant or bed width
  • Effective work
  • Save soil water
  • Increased water infiltration


Precision hoe

The perfect addition to the harrow.

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