Precision spring-tooth-cultivator
Treffler Präzisions-Federzahnegge SaatbettbereitungTreffler Präzisions-Federzahnegge SaatbettbereitungTreffler Präzisions-Federzahnegge Saatbettbereitung

The precise cultivator. With stable-line tines for soil cultivation.

The precision spring-tooth-cultivator supports the work of the cultivator. It employs scattering to control annual weeds, while perennial weeds and clover are laid out on the surface to dry out.

The stable-line properties of the patented tine make uncultivated strips a thing of the past. 

That’s the Treffler difference

Stable-line tines for full coverage

Even though it is 70 cm long, the patented tine is unable to deviate to the side thanks to it 60 mm-wide flat-steel spring system. What’s more, the pivot point approx. 15 cm in front of the tine tip ensures even depth guidance.

Characteristics and working method

Essential for successful weed control

Perennial weed control

Cut couch grass or thistles must be brought to the surface so that they can dry out. The spring-tooth cultivator is the ideal tool for the job.

Annual weed control

Freshly gathered annual weeds and volunteer grain are controlled through scattering. The close tine spacing and the patented, stable-line tines cover the entire area.

Preserve soil moisture

Preserve that yield-limiting resource: Water. By breaking capillaries and minimizing earth movement. This helps protect your precious soil from erosion.

Precise depth guidance – even without a packer

To allow them to dry out properly, weeds should not be pressed to the ground again. A packer is not always advisable for drying out the soil either. That’s why the spring-tooth cultivator has no packer. The depth guidance is controlled by means of support wheels at the front. 


  • Second-stage stubble processing
  • Manure/muck incorporation
  • Weed cure/stale seed bed
  • Straw harrowing
  • Plowless clover grass breaking

Flat, full-coverage working

The 9.6 cm tine spacing and the patented tine with no side deviation enable full-coverage working.


Work only as deep as you need. Each centimeter deeper just costs you fuel. Make adjustments easily using the support wheels. Even with cranks if required.

High passage

  • 6-beam frame
  • Frame passage of 70 cm
Your individual spring-tooth cultivator

The Treffler precision spring-tooth-cultivator

Precision cultivator

A team. Together with the spring-tooth cultivator.

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