TREFFLER seeding technology

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Precise sowing. for maximum yields.

With a wide range of sowing technology solutions for undersowing, reseeding or new sowing, you can achieve effective and efficient sowing of your seed with any working width.

Many combinations of placement and metering are possible when equipping the machine with seeding technology.

The basis for highest yields

The way. To perfect sowing.

1) Choose dosage method (Front / back dosage / preparation)

Choose between a front seed hopper or installation on the device. Different dosage systems are available. The tried-and-tested ‘Krummenacher’ system can be used with all TREFFLER products. The ‘Megadrill’ system is also available for use with the TG series or a front seed hopper. In addition, it is possible to install only a distributor head with hose on the TREFFLER device so that you can use an existing front seed hopper. 

2) Select seed hopper

Choose the seed hopper volume appropriate to your dosage requirements. 200 l, 410 l and 600 l are offered for the ‘Krummenacher’ system. Significantly larger seed hopper volumes of 1,500 l to 2,500 l are offered for the ‘Megadrill’ system and the front seed hopper. Please contact us to find out more about customised solutions – we’ll help you find the perfect seed hopper for your needs. 

3) Choose distribution method (Tine seeding technology, baffle seeding technology or combinations)

Depending on the machine and depositing depth, the distribution method can be selected as required. Learn more about this on the relevant page for your TREFFLER precision machine, where you will find the available options, from tine seeding technology and distribution via baffle to seeding technology combinations.

Seeding technology solutions individually for each Präzisons machine

Dosage, application and combinations


Cultivate catch crops. For high-yield harvests.

News within agricultural technology

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The TREFFLER precision tine harrow in a company report from Gutknecht Gemüse.

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Award-winning innovative strength: Treffler Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG from Echsheim.

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TREFFLER Organic Machinery mit dem Präzisions-Zinkenstriegel in der profi

Used TREFFLER precision tine harrows are a rarity. Nevertheless, profi gives an overview.

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Top chef Björn Freitag visits the Kerkers family, who grow almost forgotten varieties of fruit and vegetables.

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The Treffler Millomat and Flakomat at the Organic Day of the City of Vienna

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