Treffler Agrartechnik Anwender AckerbauTreffler Agrartechnik Anwender AckerbauTreffler Agrartechnik Anwender Ackerbau

What can we do for your land?

Two machines. One task: Effective stubble processing


With the Treffler precision cultivator and the Treffler precision spring-toothed cultivator you control weeds already after harvesting for the coming crop. Effectively and mechanically. Only by cutting off (root) weeds, the power of the sun and successful emergence of weed and volunteer seeds. No burying of weed seeds.
By working flat you still save fuel and soil water for the following crop.

Weed control

Cut and unearth roots and lay them out to dry


With the Treffler precision cultivator and the Treffler precision spring-tooth-cultivator, you can control weeds for the upcoming crop right after harvest. Effectively and mechanically. Purely by cutting (perennial) weeds and the power of the sun.

Catch crops improve soil fertility and nutrient supply and suppress weeds. These functions should be available evenly across the entire area for your (next) crops. That means they need to be evenly distributed and perfectly placed.

Crush, break, chop


The Treffler cutting roller chops up stubble and crushes (frozen) catch crops. Rape and corn stubble are successfully chopped up.
The reproduction of corn borers and corn rootworms is effectively disrupted.

Breaking capillaries

Soil movement interrupts capillary action and reduces unproductive water loss. This soil moisture is available for the (next) crop yield.

Low soil movement

The earthwork involved in soil cultivation increases the soil surface area. This dries out the soil. The flatter the work, the smaller the amount of soil that is moved and can then dry out.

Increasing soil infiltration

Silted and crusted soils prevent water from getting in.
Harrowing among the stock or during stubble processing breaks up the crust to increase water intake.

Flat work saves fuel

Work only as deep as you need. Each centimeter deeper just costs you fuel. This is not a problem with the flat-adjust products from Treffler.

Cultivator & spring-tooth cultivator

The dream team. Unbeatable on your land.

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