Treffler Mühlentechnik und Vermahlung Produkte zum Vorzerkleinern

Breaks everything. Just not our promise. 100% dust-free pre-crushing.

With the Multicutter and Multicrusher, you can effortlessly break and crush brittle and hard materials. Available as an individual machine or as an add-on to the Millomat.  Oil press cakes, herbs, spices and more can be gently processed to powder or flour. 100% dust-free. 

Characteristics and working method

Crushing. Effortlessly.

Crushing press cakes

Oilseed pressing results in press cakes, usually with a high content of fibre, vitamins and proteins. Pellets, chips and stamp plates are pre-crushed in the Multicutter and Multicrusher.

Crushing herbs

With the Multicutter and Multicrusher, herbs and leaves can be cut even at slow rotational speeds. This means they are processed gently and, thanks to the vacuum in the mill, are conveyed dust-free. 

Crushing rejects

From old bread to pasta off-cuts – The Multicutter and Multicrusher effortlessly process dried rejects from food production without generating heat.

Crushing roots

Reliably crushes dried root plants, such as ginger and turmeric or even dried sugar-free vegetable types, such as onions, mushrooms and much more.

Your individual milling machinery

The Treffler pre-crusher

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