TREFFLER Milling Machinery bei einer Schulvorführung in Großmunzel

TREFFLER shows pupils how wholemeal flour is made

The morning of 4 November was an exciting event for the third grade pupils from Großmunzel at Maarten Maage's organic farm in Ostermunzel near Hanover. The dedicated class teacher had prepared a very practical lesson for her pupils on the topic of grain cultivation and processing.

After a tour of the fields, the mobile Mühlomat was used to explain in detail how wholemeal flour is milled from grain from the farm. Our employee Peter Plaumann explained exactly how the grain runs through the mill, how a grain kernel is built up and in the end becomes wholemeal flour. For comparison, he instructed the children to make flour from a handful of wheat in a hand mortar. That was quite strenuous!

Last but not least, the children were allowed to take home a bag of very fine wholemeal flour to bake rolls with.

All in all, a successful day for everyone!