Die Treffler Vollkornmühle für Müller, der MühlomatDie Treffler Vollkornmühle für Müller, der MühlomatDie Treffler Vollkornmühle für Müller, der Mühlomat

Wholemeal flours. Fully automated. Fully versatile.

For genuine wholemeal flour, all components of the grain kernel, i.e. also the bran and the germ, must be contained in the flour in their natural proportions. The Millomat guarantees this. Our wholemeal mills work completely independently. Wholemeal flours can thus be produced easily and simultaneously with your extraction flours.

Your benefits

Real wholemeal flour

Whole is synonymous with complete. Consequently, everything contained in the grain before milling is also contained in the final whole grain product, regardless of the value to be attached to the product. "Whole grain" is thus a description of production. The completeness alone constitutes the value of the "whole grain". TREFFLER mills produce wholemeal flours, groats and flakes in accordance with the applicable DIN 10355 standard on the principle of identity and thus fulfil all the definitions that exist about wholemeal.

Fully integrated and automated

The modular design and the possibility of full integration into existing plants make the Millomat the perfect complement for flour milling operations producing extracted flour. Plan and organise with us the post-run of your flour in a big bag bagging station, bag bank or a station for mobile flour containers, which can be filled directly in the station. We can provide you with individual solutions for flour post-run for all conditions.

Dust-free work

With negative pressure, the flour is gently extracted directly from the milling chamber through a sieve of choice and conveyed onwards. The conveying air is automatically cleaned every second and freed from fine flour dust. The result is 100% dust-free ground material. Thanks to the JET filter, the wholemeal mill can also be operated 24 hours a day. Thus, even the smallest Mühlomat already produces up to 2 tonnes of flour per day. The working environment of our wholemeal mill remains clean and dust-free thanks to the closed mill system.

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Treffler News und Neuigkeiten - Treffler gehört zu Bayerns Best 50 2023

Ministry of Economics awards Echsheim machine builder again

#Agricultural technology#Milling machinery#Made-to-order production
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Award-winning innovative strength: Treffler Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG from Echsheim.

#Agricultural technology#Milling machinery#Made-to-order production
TREFFLER Milling Machinery bei einer Schulvorführung in Großmunzel

TREFFLER Milling Machinery was allowed to show the third Klaase from Großmunzel on Maarten Maage's organic farm how wholemeal flour is made from…

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TREFFLER Milling Machinery auf dem Bio-Tag in Wien

The Treffler Millomat and Flakomat at the Organic Day of the City of Vienna

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TREFFLER News Teaser NDR Beitrag - Gut Büstedt

The Schwartzkopff family runs a grain mill on the Büstedt estate. They grow the grain and grind it with the Millomat.

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Treffler News und Neuigkeiten - Treffler ist TOP 100 Innovator 2021

With our self-developed products, we stand for innovation. This year, we were named a TOP 100 Innovator.

#Agricultural technology#Milling machinery#Made-to-order production
Treffler News Mühlentechnik - Eröffnung Gut Büdstedt mit dem Mühlomat 100

TREFFLER Mühlentechnik as a convincing mill for the farm's own grain mill with attached seminar bakery.

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Treffler News und Neuigkeiten - Treffler gehört zu Deutschlands TOP 100

Award-winning innovative strength: Treffler Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG from Echsheim.

#Made-to-order production#Milling machinery#Agricultural technology
Treffler News und Neuigkeiten - Preisträger bei Bayerns Best Fifty

The Bavarian Minister of Economic Affairs honours Trefffler, the machine constructor from Echsheim

#Made-to-order production#Milling machinery#Agricultural technology