TREFFLER Organic Machinery mit dem Präzisions-Zinkenstriegel in Gemüse

Field day with the TS series

The company Jungpflanzen Welzel from Essingen produces young plants of all types of vegetables for outdoor cultivation on an area of about 10 hectares, with a focus on lettuce, cabbage and celery.
Time is becoming increasingly scarce in vegetable production, and it is almost impossible to carry out trials on the farm. That is why Welzel takes over for its customers and presents the trials and the latest technology at the annual field day. "We want to offer practical solutions in this way," says Matthias Straupe from Welzel.

The adapted harrow
The TS precision tine harrow from Treffler with the individual tine suspension can be used for mechanical weed control. This allows the working depth to be optimally adjusted and the tines adapt to any unevenness. This is important when harrowing, as it primarily buries the weeds and the soil throw of the tines should be as
should be as even as possible. Speedys also have advantages here, as they usually sit more firmly in the soil and are therefore less prone to damage when harrowing.

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