Treffler News und Neuigkeiten - Der Bericht von Josef Brandmair und die Umstellung auf Bio-Landwirtschaft

Josef Brandmair wants to give it a try again

Josef Brandmair dared to take the step and switch his previously conventional farm to organic farming.

This new method of cultivation means he also has to face new challenges. The ban on the use of conventional pesticides means the new organic farmer now relies on mechanical weed control. Fears that increased mechanical cultivation would result in the loss of humus were unfounded. Treffler farming consultant Rudolf Bart was able to put his mind at rest regarding other concerns about making the switch. Impressed by the TREFFLER technology, the TREFFLER precision tine harrow is now the centerpiece of Brandmair’s technical equipment. Furthermore, Brandmair is impressed by his organic colleagues’ openness and willingness to help.