Treffler News und Neuigkeiten - Das Dream Team die Federzahnegge und der Grubber

Product video of the dream team

Together with Agropictures, we present our dream team. The team consists of the precision spring-tooth cultivator, our precision cultivator and the 2-component seeder. With the dream team, you can experience agricultural expertise from one source.

See what our machines do so well. Different practical scenarios will show you what our machines can do and how to work with them.

Here is a brief overview of the video content:

  • Introduction
  • Presentation of the TREFFLER dream team
  • Clover grass breaking with TF530 precision spring-tooth cultivator and TG 500 cultivator
  • Stubble processing with the TGA 560 precision mounted cultivator
  • Intercrop cultivation with the TKS 300 2-component seeder
  • Conclusion