Treffler News und Neuigkeiten - Der Striegel in der Thaer Ausstellung

Our harrow in the Thaer exhibition

In 2009, the Albrecht-Daniel-Thaer-Stiftung was established with the aim of ensuring permanent financial protection of the “promotional organization with exhibition” institution.

The main exhibition features a total of 44 text and image boards supplemented with pictures, display cases with original editions of Thaer’s works and works by other authors. Audio guides are available in German, English and Polish.

Replicas of historical agricultural implements offer vivid insights into agricultural work in Thaer’s time. Visitors can sit on Albrecht Daniel Thaer’s teaching chair, which is actually an item of university furniture from the 19th century. The teaching chair is a replica of the original. The latest exhibit in the collection is the model of our TREFFLER precision tine cultivator in Möglin, which adds a modern harrow to the exhibition. Directly beside it is a life-size device from Thaer’s time.