Treffler News und Neuigkeiten - LANDfreund testet die Präzisions-Federzahnegge

LANDfreund tests the precision spring-tooth cultivator

Mechanical weed control is hugely important in organic farming. 

The loss of many chemical active ingredients means conventional farms are also being forced to rethink and search for new strategies. The aim of mechanical weed control is to uproot and remove the weeds from the soil, so that they can then be dried by the sun.

The TREFFLER precision spring tooth cultivator, with 200 mm duck-foot share, provides optimal weed control thanks to its full surface cut. The four support wheels enable exact depth guidance, which means all weeds can be effectively removed from the soil and controlled. The sturdy, light-weight design means the tractive power requirement for the machine with a working width of 6.5 m is just 110 HP. This enables soil-conserving weed control. Flexible combination options, such as furrow closers, trailing harrows or crumble rollers enable famers to adapt the machine to their particular needs.